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5 best laptops for deep learning Books written by Uri J. Nachimson

Guide for ML engineer - 5 best laptops for deep learning. How to choose the best model: HP Pavilion Gaming 15
2022-10-20, by Uri J. Nachimson , Book author

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Machine learning notebooks are everywhere, many brands are creating product lines just for gamers. Often, however, machine learning notebooks fail to differentiate themselves too much, they try from an aesthetic point of view, but the data sheets, the raw data that enthusiasts like so much, are almost the same.

In 2022, however, something is changing and not only for the very high end of the market, the best machine learning laptops are starting to be interesting even at human figures and above all there are laptops capable of having a decidedly customised design on certain fundamental aspects such as the keyboard and thermal management. Don't worry, there is no shortage of LED lights, but there are even those who are trying to offer a level of performance with a sober and compact design.

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Laptops for machine learning

Best notebooks for machine learning by price range

The other great news for those looking for a machine learning notebook is the lowering of prices, or rather, the presence of a few low-priced solutions capable of making the right compromises in order to pump up the technical card without raising the price list too much. That's right, in 2022 you can evaluate a few gaming notebook proposals for value for money. That is why we have divided the best gaming notebooks of 2022 by price range so that you can have real expectations of the quality of the laptop based on the amount spent. Here are the price ranges of the absolute best gaming notebooks of 2022.

The selection of the best laptops for machine learning is the result of the editorial work of the entire TuttoTech team, most of these notebooks have been analysed and certified to deserve a place in this guide. You will only find notebooks with up-to-date data sheets, convincing performance, effective thermal management, and good value for money. It should be emphasised that this gaming laptop guide is not a list of all laptops on the market but a real selection of the best ones, it is possible that some machines have not been included in the guide because they are not considered to be worthwhile or with a price that is not suitable for the market.

Last tip before we get into the selection of the best machine learning laptops of 2022 is to consider buying from Amazon. Amazon's customer care is unique, shipping with Amazon Prime is lightning fast (you can activate a free trial of Prime here), but the real kicker is the after-sales support. Let's be frank, not many notebook manufacturers can enjoy satisfactory after-sales service, having an extra step of warranty with Amazon is a big plus. Think about it.

Best notebooks for machine learning under $1000

Once upon a time it was unthinkable to be able to find a machine learning notebook in the under 1000 Euro price range, not any more. Many manufacturers have realised where they can save money, where they can make compromises without giving up a top-class technical card. Certainly, technological progress has helped, but it is clear that to get Core i7 or Ryzen 7 processors at these prices, some small compromise has to be considered. What compromises? The display is almost always the first suspect, often not calibrated properly or more generally not of such high quality that it can best reproduce every nuance of the title being played. There are also other aspects that may not satisfy the most hardened pro gamer, but if you are considering a gaming notebook under 1000 Euro, they probably won't interest you. Here are the best cheap gaming notebooks under 1000 Euro.

If you are looking for good performance under 1000 Euros and are not scared of size and questionable design, this 15.6″ HP Pavilion Gaming is perfect. Needless to say, the design is as aggressive as ever with green inlays and the keyboard backlight in the same colour, keyboard being among the few things that are not top notch, it could be done better but somewhere you have to save up to get these specs. Another negative note is the hinge, you have to be careful when opening it.

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Pavilion Gaming 15

The specs are ones that will impress a true gamer and more, this Pavilion Gaming 15 has an Intel Core i5 10300H processor with a GeForce GTX 1650. Obviously the performance is high profile and you'll be able to play the most demanding titles without fearing major frame losses but you have to give up on the battery life, which without too much ado is poor. The ports are excellent, the speakers by Bang&Olufsen are very good, and the display brightness is less good, but at least the screen is anti-glare. For a price of less than EUR 1,000, it must have some small sacrifices, but these are negligible.

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