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Not just a bike, but rather a small electric moped with a second seat in the back. Moreover, it is with a back, soft and even sprung. The front wheel is also amortized by a simple spring-elastomer fork, its initial characteristics are not very good, and in the cold such a fork completely dubs. Brakes front and rear drum. This model deserves attention, at least for its unusualness.
2022-05-28, by Uri J. Nachimson , Book author

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How to choose the right electric bike

It is possible to buy only after an objective assessment of the main criteria.

By age and gender

The dimensions, power and design of the bicycle determine whether the equipment belongs to one of the following groups:

  • Men's - models with a narrow seat. They have a strict and concise design. Bikes are characterized by a powerful power unit - 700-1000 watts.
  • Women's - distinguished by a sophisticated design and medium-sized wheels of 14-18 inches. Rechargeable battery with a capacity of not more than 250 watts. Power devices have a low, thin frame, which allows women to control the bike even in a long skirt.
  • Children's - a low frame with a stylish and bright design distinguishes the device from models for adults. Weight - no more than 25 kg. The movement is provided by a low-power engine, which allows you to accelerate to 25 km / h. Excellent maneuverability and acceleration dynamics are provided by wheels of medium diameter - 14-16 inches.

For the elderly, important features of the vehicle are good cushioning, a solid frame and a three-wheeled base with a compartment for products. Models are safe for the elderly, do not fall on their side and are distinguished by good handling.
IMPORTANT! It is not worth neglecting the class affiliation, especially when choosing children's bikes. Transport should be not only convenient, but also safe.

Other types of electric bicycles

There are several more types of bicycles with a non-standard shape and technical characteristics:

  • A mini bike is a device with an attractive appearance. Differs in an easy folding frame and small dimensions. Weight is not more than 20 kg. Motor power - 250-350 W, which provides acceleration up to 25 km / h.
  • Chopper - in design and principle of operation resembles a city bike. The main difference is the elongated frame, wide seat, thick tires and vertical landing.
  • In retro style - the appearance is reminiscent of motorcycles of the 50s. Large optics, wide saddle and laconic frame design.
  • Tandem bike - models for two riders. A strong frame ensures complete safety for all passengers, and three wheels help maintain stability.

A wide selection of electric bikes allows you to choose a transport for a rider of any age and gender.

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