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There’s definitely a difference between what a laptop needs for music production and a laptop for other tasks, so specs are essential to your music production.
2022-07-03, by Uri J. Nachimson , Book author

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What does a laptop need to create music?

Obviously, a laptop's graphics card is not a priority, but you'll need the best processor you can get, especially the excellent single-core performance. As a rule, Intel Core falls under these parameters, so the new generations of Core i7 and Core i9 will serve you well.

You will also be downloading powerful software and working with large raw audio files, so RAM is also very important. The more the better, but anything less than 8GB just won't work, in fact the minimum you should aim for is 16GB of RAM.

The drive will also be useful, but if you need to save money, choose more RAM than physical memory. You can always use an external SSD or even a hard drive when you need it, but external RAM doesn't exist.

Which laptop is best for music production?

The best laptop for music production depends on what part of the production process you will be using it for. If you're looking for a machine that will go from first audio recording to last mix and publish, you need something like the MacBook Pro 16.

If you're looking for portable options for on-the-go recording and light editing, Dell's latest XPS laptops should work great, and with long battery life, they'll last long enough to last through a long recording session.

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Processor: Intel Core i5 - Core i7 (10th generation) | Graphics: Intel Iris Xe Graphics | RAM: 8 GB - 32 GB | Screen: 13" PixelSense Flow (2880 x 1920, 120Hz) | Storage: 128 GB - 1 TB.


  • Processors have become faster;
  • The updated design is very good;
  • Big screen;
  • Thunderbolt 4 port;


  • The laptop is more expensive than we would like;
  • No more USB Type-A;
  • The Type Cover is still sold separately;

The latest iteration of the award-winning Microsoft Surface Pro series is a significant upgrade from the previous Surface Pro 7, which was one of the best music production laptops if you were looking for the best music production experience, more like an iPad but with Windows.

The Surface Pro 8 gets even better in this regard with an Intel Core i5 or Core i7 processor, long battery life with Intel Evo certification, new RAM to help keep your music production efficient as your tracks get longer and more complex.

However, we've dropped USB-A support, so if you have USB-A peripherals like microphones, you'll probably need to purchase an adapter if you're using a Surface Pro 8.


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