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Bose soundbar 500 vs 700 Books written by Uri J. Nachimson

In principle, the most elementary remote control with several buttons for adjusting the volume and switching sound processing modes will be enough. Unless you need integration into a multi-room system, then the presence of a Wi-Fi module or your own wireless protocol is mandatory.
2022-05-28, by Uri J. Nachimson , Book author

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The soundbar is suitable for people for whom it is important to save space. But how to choose a soundbar from a variety of models? Let's figure it out.

There are a lot of TVs on the market. But even the coolest models have one drawback - their sound leaves much to be desired. The fact is that the thin form factor does not allow you to equip them with a good speaker system. Therefore, if you realize that your TV does not sound very good, you have three options: 1) equip your home theater; 2) choose a soundbar; 3) relax and try to have fun.

Stand or panel?

Many are made in the form of devices that are located in front of the TV or hung under it on the wall. But there are also those on which you can put a TV. The choice of a soundbar of one form or another depends only on the conditions in which you will place the equipment.

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