What does editing mean in essay?

What does editing mean in essay? Books written by Uri J. Nachimson

Editing is the process of making changes to the content of an essay. It includes a set of basic functions: rewriting, changing style, deleting left-handed text, correcting mistakes, replacing paragraphs, changing text formatting, and so on.
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To edit competently, it is necessary to know the language at a sufficiently high level.

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Why edit an essay at all?

There are usually five main reasons why an essay needs editing:

-Voicing: changing the word order, working on rhythm and dynamics, replacing expressions characteristic of conversational style, removing clichés and clericalisms.

-Brevity: it is better to express your thoughts briefly and concisely than long and smeared.

- Truthfulness: the text should contain only verified facts. Or cite the source of the data.

-Literacy: checking punctuation, spelling, syntax, correcting typos, and anything else that violates language norms.

-Pause: you need to separate the writing and editing stages to give yourself a break from the material and the material a break from you.

What does an essay editor do?

An editor is a person with impeccable literacy, with an excellent command of literary language. He should be able to use a variety of lexical, and stylistic means to make the text expressive, logical, and interesting.

The concept of "editing" is said based on three meanings:

1. Checking, proofreading, and proofreading the text.

2. Guiding the publication.

3. Specific verbal formulation, reproduction of definition, though.

Literary editing refers to comprehensive work with texts being prepared for publication. It consists of:

-evaluating the topic;

-checking, correcting the statement;

-checking (if necessary, revising) how well the topic is developed;

-literary transformation of the material.

Text editing and its varieties

Quality editing is needed to eliminate inaccuracies, ensure clarity of wording, verify data, eliminate errors, and get rid of the stylistic and linguistic roughness of the text.

However, the text should be corrected only when there is a real need.

According to how the material changes during the correction, there are the following types of editing:

  • 1. Proofreading.
  • 2. Reduction.
  • 3. Redesign.

Editing and proofreading

A comparison of the received text with the original is carried out, technical errors are identified and eliminated. The considered type of editing is used when you need to edit:

-official documents (reports, orders...);

-Writings of classical writers/poets;

-publications of historical documents;

-Republications of books that are produced without being revised;

-definitive materials.


Here, the key task of the person doing the editing is to shorten the text without harming the content. There are several reasons why it is necessary to abbreviate:

1. It is important to fit into a certain volume (number of pages, lines...).

2. It is necessary to correspond to the specific tasks that are set before the author, the publisher. In particular, the volume is reduced when publishing popular science, journalism, and art materials republished directly for a certain audience. The same method is used for publishing all kinds of textbooks and anthologies.

3. There are flaws in the text: excessive detail, repetition, stretching, too many of the same examples, and so on.


It is used when correcting the work of an author who does not speak the literary language too well.

This variety is widespread in the practice of newspaper work, it is used in the publication of articles, autobiographies, and pamphlets. But even here it is important to preserve the stylistics of the author.

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